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There are preserved historical buildings from 18.century.Centre of food,paper and poligrafic industry.
TASMANIA:is a major producer and exporter of tined food.Most of the Australian people are of british
or irish descent.The number of original inhabitans Aborigines has declined.There are only 40 000 and in reservations.Australia is highly developed industrial agricultural country.There are over 130mil. sheep,25mil. cattle.Australia is the higgest producer of:wool,weat,sugar-came and fruits.
The highest mountains are Australian Alps,with the highest peak Mount Kosciusco.It's 220km from
Melbourne skiing slopes provide excellent winter sports.There are a lot of deserts and 2 types:stony and sandy.Lake Eucumbene is a large water reservoir.The typical tree of Australia is eucalyptus.
Typical landscape with termite mound.There are many strange animals:emu,coala bear,platypus:
has biil like duck,lays eggs like a hen,it has webbed feet but it's sucking milk,it's a mammel.Because
of long isolation from other cintinents there live many strange animals.Coala bears are fed on eucalyptus leaves.NEW ZELAND:is an island country and 2000 km far from Australia.The area is
270 000km2 and population is 3mil.It consists of two island,north and south.70% of population live
on north island.There are activ vulcanoes,hot springs and geysers in the north island and glaciers
in south island.It's member of commenwelth....The original inhebitans are Maories they are only 8%.
WELLINGTON:is a capital of New Zeland and a busy seaport.New Zeland is a wealthy country.It
produces wool,mutton,skins,butter and another daisy products.
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