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Family – are people, who I need and love, family are people, who are socially related, are people who are reliable for me, family is love between members in family
Kinship - ( krvné príbuzenstvo ) - is between child and parents and between sibilings
Mariage – when man and woman live together, they use the same surname, they live their life together whith family, what they set up
House hold – is place, when family live, it´s only their place
Cohabitation – spolužitie – when man and woman live together, in the same house hold, but they aren´t married, they can have a common child

The kind of families :
1.Nuclear families – are families in basically cousist ( základné vybavenie ) of two generations of families living in same household, for example – ( brothers, sisters, cousins ... )
2.Extended families – more generations living in the same household ( in very close proximity )
3.Single parent families – when is only of parent, mother or father, the child live only whit mother or father. Factors :
death of a marriage partner
parents are divorcing
pregnancy outside marriage
4.Step families – when one of parent is step, step-mother or step-father, this families aren´t nuclear families, because the step parent isn´t in blood relationship whit child, they can have a common child

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