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My favourite book

One of my favourite books is A Clockwork Orange. It is book by English writer - ANTHONY BURGESS, which he wrote in the year 1962. This book was been picturized in the year 1971.

The book centres around the life of the fifteen year old protagonist Alex. Alex and his gang roam the streets at night, committing crimes purely for enjoyment. They fight against rival gangs, or they thwack old homeless only for fun. Always after their fun game they come to milk bar, where they drink milk with drugs. One day has been Alex caught and based into jail, whence he has been displaced into penitentiary, where doctors try new therapy on him. Alex had to watch a mind-bending views of slaughter and torture, and at the same time he had to hear to his favourite music - Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

This book was a sample for some punk-rock bands, for example The Adicts, Die Toten Hosen or The Devotchkas, which are referred as a Clockwork punk.

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