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Multicultural society

In each country we can find people of different nationalities or ethnic groups.Each nationality or each ethnics groups has its culture.What is represented?The culture represented by tradiotionals,lifestyle,religions. When people of different natinalities with their cultures live together in one state or in one country they form multicultural society. In Slovakia we have also some minorities-The Czech,The Hungarians,The Vietnaniese,The Rom. People of Slovak nationalities have their culture too.They are kept different folklore ensembles. We can see typical Slovak products.We can do something learn about history. Our culture and our tradiotions are represented by different holidays and festivals whih we have in Slovakia.

So I can say that I don´t care who your are, but for me it´s important if you just carying your head on neck, or you´re using it sometimes. Feasts or public holidays are very popular in our population, because during feast we don´t have to go to school or work, so we have free time. We can divide feasts to religious feasts and public feast also called bank holidays in United Kingdom, because on these days all banks, educational and shopping facilities are closed. In our country feasts like Easter, Saint Cyril´s and Methodius day, All Saint´s day, Christmas, Santa Claus day or Three King´s day are allowed to be religious. And other feasts like New Year´s Eve, New Year´s Day, Slovak National Uprising day or day of Slovak Constitution are public. Of course that other countries have different feasts like day of Independence and Thanksgiving in USA. Then Haloween in USA and UK or day of capturing the Bastilla fortress in France.

Some holidays are connected our history.  For example:
The Day of the Estamblishment of Slovak Republic –1.1
The Day of St.methodius and Cyrils – 5.7
The Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising –SNP-29.8
The Day of the Slovak Constitution-1.9-Ustava
The Day of the fight for the freedom and democracy-17.11
Our Lady of Sorrows-15.9

American national public feasts are a little bit strange and different from ours, so I´d like to simply describe them. The Independance day is on 4-th July and it is an anniversary of signing the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It is celebration of separation and independance of American colonies from United Kingdom. Thanksgiving is on 4-th Thursday in November and firstly it was celebrated in 1621 as the expression of joy and happiness after the first succesful harvest. Halloween is on the 31-st of October. This feast is mysterious and that´s why people are dressing themselves to the funny or scary costumes and trying to scare others. Slovak National Uprising is on 29-th of August and the day of Slovak Constitution is on 1-st of September. But I think that more important for us is New Year´s Eve and New Year´s Day on 31-st of December and 1-st of January.

In Slovakia live group of people who maned Gypsies or The Rom.They came from India,in Romani the name for all people who are not Rom is GAJO. They are good at dancing, fortune-telling, music-some people that they have music in their blood.

In the past they often earned money as entertainers.They made and repaired copper drainage pipes .They can sharpen cutlery knives.
They divide on Special groups:
OLACH ROM –bussiness

They start families very young. The sexual life is very early. They often have children very early. They cant look after on their children. Childrem grow in bad conditions. They live in houses which have holes in wall and it is very dirty and untidy. When thy get uneployed benefit they can spent in one day for alcohol, cigaretts. They dont buy any equipment for their children. They often borrow money.

The state helps The Rom: Housing estates, built settlements and the Rom partipate when the houses built. They get a social benefit at the state.

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