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My favourite room
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The room which I like most is my room that I share with my younger sister and brother, who are very nice and sometimes they are back and I love their. So what does this special room look like?

It´s big, but not huge. Near the wall we have two tables. The wall are in light blue, because it is my favourite colour. On the wall are pictures and photos for interesting room. On ceiling is pretty blue lamp and round are paste up stars with moon which at night light. We have here ours three beds, so we sleep here. Beside my beds is on wall hung billboard, on which I have got to thing, which I love. On the left from door are some bookcases we have there our favourite books, exercise books, some photos and things which belong to us. There is a large window above the sink, looking out in the garden. When you come to my room you see many interesting things and a lot of toys. All the furniture of my room is in brown color (wardrobe, dressing table mirror, reading lamp, drawers). The furniture is new and modern. A net curtain are with fairly-tale motive, because this to room because it is room too my little sibs. The carpet is green. I spend there all my free time which I don't spend out. When I come home from school I listen to the radio, watching TV and do my homework.

The effect of room is very positive to my and it give to my a feeling of happiness. So I would change nothing on it. I can't introduce my childhood without this room.It is really the best room in our house.
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