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Flat x House
part of one building,
loud neighbours can interrupt you,
less space,
common boiler with neighbours,
housing estate is dangerous place,
many people move in your block of flats and they coul be thieves,
have to search for a parking place,
more gossips,
heavy traffic,
badly-kept nature

can have a garden,
peaceful and quiet atmosphere,
more space,
better for having a dog – don´t have to be locked in a flat when you´re not at home,
aren´t interrupted by anyone,
have your own garage,
have more privacy,
can sit in your veranda and admire the view,
can grow up vegetables,
have your own entrance,
more expensive

Rented flat x living with parents
Rented flat:
have to share with other tenants
should work out all the financial details to avoid misunderstandings,
have to share with many things like kitchen or television,
don´t know all the tenant´s mean streaks
have to sign up a legally binding contract,
have to decide who´s responsible for collecting and paying the rent,
can be often disturbed by our flat-sharers,
feel independent

Living with parents:
feel dependent,
don´t have to pay for a rent, water rates, service charges, Council Tax or TV licence,
don´t have to cook on your own,
know what you can expect from people you live with,
can study in a quiet place of your home,
can enjoy yourself sunning on the patio,
spend a lot of tome with parents,
parents can care about your business

Household chores
  • rake leaves
  • mow the lawn
  • water plants
  • pick the harvest
  • take care of plants
  • fertilize soil
  • tidy the house
  • clean the bathroom and toilet
  • bite the dust
  • polish furniture
  • clean windows
  • wash dishes
  • wash clothes
  • hang up clothes

single-storey house/one-storey house-prízemný dom
high-rise/tower block-výšková budova
block of flats-obytný dom
office block-administratívna budova
old people`s/sheltered house-starobinec,domov dôchodcov
three-room flat-3-izbový dom
bungalow-prízemný dom
detached house-samostatne stojaci dom
semi-detached house-dvojdom
terraced house-dom v radovej zástavbe
cottage-chalupa,vidiecky dom
mansion-veľká vila
manor-panské sídlo
chalet-horská chatka
lodge-horská chata
inn-hostinec s ubytovaním
pigsty-prasačí chliev
housing estate -sídlisko

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