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andouillette ( jaternica )

Ideas about fast food and typical restaurants :


- no service
- don´t sit at the table, have to go to the counter and order food there
- oil dishes, junk food
- pay at the counter/ check-out desk/ casser´s desk
- have to take your food/ carry your meal to place you want to sit
- no cutlery or plastic cutlery ( knife, spoon, pork )
- plastic tray – after ypu finish your meal you throw it away to litter bin
- smell of oil
- cheaper and faster than restaurant
- you can take your meal home


- appropriate clothes
- waiter who serves you during your visit
- more expensive than fast food
- have to choose from several courts – it depends on occasion
- we are given a menu by waiter
- we can have dessert
- after we finish our meal we call a waiter and ask him for a bill
- soft music
- tablecloth around the table

Receipt of French pancakes
Ingredients :

3 eggs
250 G of flour
½ liter of milk and water
1 salt pinch
2 spoons with sugar soup
2 spoons with oil soup
perfume – vanilla, rum, piece of lemon peel

Receipt :
  1. Put the flour in a salad bowl and to break eggs inside.
  2. Gradually add milk and water while beating with a whip so that there are no lumps.
  3. Then add salt, sugar and oil, to stir up.
  4. Add the perfume.
  5. Make heat a frying pan and put a little paste inside. When surface is gilded, turn over the pancake and make cook the other face.
  6. Be useful with a little sugar, jam or the molten chocolate.

Different places where you can eat.

Traditional restaurant :
-atmosphere of a country it is devoted in
-everything reminds the character of the country
-special, high quality dishes
-waiters can wear traditional costumes
-service is often unhurried and friendly
-calm place
-national meals
-often expensive

Pub :
-simplier dishes, but well prepared
-soups, sausages, beer
-noisy atmosphere, uncomfortable chairs, smoky room
-service is not very polite

Cafeteria/Canteen :
-self – service restaurant
-counter where you get your meal

Tea – room/Caffée

Night club

Snack bar

Dining room

Fast food restaurant

Ordinary restaurant

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