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Young People and Their World

Young People and Their World I am an eighteen years old girl and belong to the generation, which is called young at this moment. Of course it is true.

Some say, that youth is the most beautiful time of person’s life and young people have any problems. I don’t agree. I think every generation has her own problems, which she has to go trough. But sometimes we have more power to face the troubles. Young people are determined into two basic groups. The first, younger group is called teenagers – between thirteen and nineteen years. And people from twenty to thirty are in the second group which has no name at this time. Actually, both this groups have something in common, like some opinions, appetency to have fun and ambitions to change their life. Teenagers are something between kids and adults, but they usually behave more like the adults. They try to do different things on their own, because they think, they are responsible enough. But sometimes it isn’t so. They going to pub, bar and disco. They smoking and drinking alcohol here. Some young people also drop downers, because they think, that they are young and they want all try. As teenagers grow up, each of them becomes an individual person with his/her own ideals. Teenagers want to live independently, sometimes have crazy ideas and often have conflicts with their parents and teachers. Young people between twenty and thirty are a bit different. Most of them have finished their studies and have found a job, so they earn their living. Many get married and have children. They are more responsible and become more aware of social problems.

Young people who have finished schools start to earn their living. They play an important role in our society. They begin to take place in the “real” world. Some are very active in politics but many usually get involved in solving world-wide problems.

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