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Development of science and technology

The word „science“ comes from the latin word for knowing. Science usually involves doing an experiment. The scientific method involves asking a question, an experiment, observations and coming to conclusion.

From the beginning of people´s existence they have used tools, energy and materials. In early human history, the only power was muscle power. About 300 B.C. there was the invention of the wheel. The steam engine was developed by James Watt in the 18th century. Hand – made products were replaces by machine – made products. Eletricity was available by Thomas A. Edison in 1879. the first petrol – driven motocar was created in 1885 by Daimler and Benz. The 1940s saw the explosion of the first atomic bomb

The earliest materials used by humans were wood, bone and stone. Metals were rare, although bronz and iron were used. Then new materials were introduced, such as rubber, glass, leather, paper and celluloid.

Plenty of inventions and discoveries have influenced and changed human life, such as aircraft, radio television, telephone, X –ray machines, radar, photographs, birth – control methods, penicillin, silicon chip and laser.

Space flights – the first satellites were launched into orbit around Earth in 1957 by the Russians. In 1961 Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space. The first people to step onto the Moon´s surface in 1969 were Neil Amstrong and Edwin Aldrin. 

Since 1960s we have spoken about the scientific – technical revolution which can contribute to solving the problems of people on the earth to fing other alternative energy sources, to reduce pollution, to find the ways how to feed the increasing number of people and to discover medicine against such disiases as cancer, AIDS and Ebola.

Over the past 20 years computers have completely revolutionize our lives. And now mobile phones are just everywhere.

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