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My name is Lukas Kajan. I was bord in Nitra. I live in the street called Jurkovicova. In my free time I usually go out with my friends or I read a books. My hobbies are football, hockeyball and I go skiing too. I dont´t like basketball because our teacher of Physical education used to say to us: ,,This is an inteligent game". My favourite school subjects are Biology and Music. I don´t like Maths, Chemistry and English.

Teenagers are young people who don´t want to depend on their parents. Teenagers have got friends and they want to have fun with them. They are making plans and make everything they can in older to reach their goals. They often argue with their parents. Some older people think that teenagers are rade, bad and naughty, but they have own plans and ideas.

In my future I want to study mechanical engineering on electro-technical school in Mlynárce. After I will finish high school, I would like togo to university.

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