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Human relations

Relations are the official or public relationship that exists between groups of pepople, organizations or countries. Human relations are important in everybody´s lives because everyday we live and meet with other people which influence our social lives.

The family and the friends are usually the most important people in our life, because they help us in difficult situation. The parents look after their children with love and the love which is given to me it should be given back. I have one sister. I have good relationship with my sister, because she is kind and often help me.

My second house is school. I spend here so much time with my classmates. Me and my classmates have very good relationship. But in each class we can find students, who have some problems a make a social evil. I don´t like this people.

Relationship between neihtbours are different. Townspeople haven´t any interest about their neighbours, they live in anonimity. Villages are like one big family and everybody knows about yourself. I live in small town in a block of flat, but my family meets with our neightbours. Nowaday the biggest problem is noise. First of all iti is loud music scream. I tis very bad for our older neightbours. Young people talk with older people in formal way.

The most important thing for me is relationship with my friends. My friends are strong personalities and they are able to imposible things. In some situations they help us, because they don ´t have the fear. The good friend should be friendly, honest, optimistic. Sometimes is good friend better like our own family. With our friends we can go to the party, go shopping and we talk about over love.

Love is beautiful feeling which is important for everybody. When we feeling love with someone, we have a lot of energy and we are always smiling. I can say that person is happy when he loves somebody.

In our society is a lot of problems. For example homeless person and independent disabled. In our country we can see a homeless people. On the holiday we can help them with food, they can get money and for one or two nights they can sleep in s special building. This people haven´t sense life. They are isolated out of society. The society recently care about this people. Because homeless nessecery help and a lot of love. My attidue to charities is possitive. When I won some money,I would give some money to one of charities, because need money.

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