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Teenagers are people who just want to live their own lives without parents. I think, in this period of life, it's normal. All parents all over the world were teenagers. How did they feel? Earlier, it was easier. Nowadays, teenagers are affected by TV, computer, friends, even neighbours. They refuse to go to school because they are bored and teachers are boring. So, when they're at school they disturb and they are rude. According them breaking the laws is perfect and exiting, but teachers have different attitude to this.
Boys want to have girlfriends, and girls are obsessed by being fit like models from Tv. However most important for them is going out on Friday evening. It's silly, I think, because it isn't the most important thing. For me, the best evening is with my parents at home. Oh, I prefer to go for a walk with some friends and my dog to go clubbing.
In my opinion, I am not the worst teenager in the world. I'm just normal, sometimes crazy girl.
Although teenagers are rude or stubborn they can become to normal people who are able to have own children.

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