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The square is also known for great numbers of pigeons that flock here to be fed by people. The finest museums in London /admission to many of them is free/
The National Gallery /at Trafalgar Sq./ contains a fine collections of classical painting including for example Rubens, Raphael, El Graco
The National Portrait Gallery - contains portraits of British monarchs.
The Tate Gallery - near the Houses of Parliament - has a fine collection of modern art /paintings and sculptures/.
The Victoria and Albert Museum contains collections of fine and applied arts of most centuries, countries and styles /ceramics, textiles, wood-work, sculpture, painting/
The British Museum - contains a great library with over 6 million books and a large collection of manuscripts. It’s most important departments are the Natural History Museum of Archeology and Ethnology. Madam Tussaud’s Museum - visited by most tourists - has a collection of wax statues of famous people from all over the world. The best - known parks and gardens - there’s a great number of them in London and they are excellent places for relaxation, fun and entertainment, sports and cultural events. Hyde Park - is probably the best - known of them. It’s the largest of the royal parks. It is famous for its Speaker’s Corner where anybody can come and speak about any topic. His listeners /if any/ can ask him questions and make comments. Regent’s Park / has two lakes, a ZOO and an open/air theatre.
Kensington Gardens have a big cultural center and Albert Memorial erected in the middle of the 19 century in memory of Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria
St. James’s Park
Buckingham Palace Gardens

London has an important international airport Heathrow. It has the priority of having the first electrical underground opened in 1890. A typical London sight are double-deckers - big red buses with two passenger decks.
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