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Many people say, that watching Tv is a waste of time. Some adults also say, that TV has bad influence on kids. There are lot of especially foreign films on TV, which are about men, who are kiling each other for money. If you look aroud, you can see it. People are very violent and also children are aggressive. The actors became heroes throught their violence to inocent people. Also even cartoons are full of violence. Just try to watch the famous Ninja Turtles or Tom and Jerry. This cartoons are supposed to be for children. It is normal?

Soap operas
They are called ́soaṕ because the very first ones made for commercial TV and sponsored by companies that made soap powder. American soaps are about rich and attractive people who live their exotic lives, they have a lot of expensive clothes, cars, houses and dramatic problems. English soaps are quite different, they are about ordinary and normal characters and everyday situations. But it doesn’t mean that they aren´t dramatic. There are three famous english soap operas – Coronation Street, Eastenders and Brookside.

Coronation street
It´s set in an un-named town which looks a lot like a Manchester. The drama comes from changing relationships, problems of teengers, foolish arguments and jealousies. It is shown on ITV (first British commercial station – Independent TV)

This soap is made by BBC 1. It´s set in London, so it´s more fashionable and attracts more young TV viewrs. The problems are more current, unemployment, unmarried mothers, homosexuality, homelessness. These problems are too adventurous for Coronation Street and these topics are educational.

It is set in Midland (somewhere near Birmingham), it´s characters live on a quite modern housing estate. These houses were build espacially for this soap.

In Australia is very succesfull soap Neighbours. We can see there some famous people like Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue.
And why people watch soap operas? When we watch these soaps, we escape from our ordinary everyday world to the soap opera´s fantasy. Everyone likes sharing etusiasm and TV soaps offer these opportunity. People have a lack of drama in their lives and they feel happier about their own real problems when they can watch someone else´s problems.

Internet has become the most popular source of information. Nowadays many people started using internet for it´s imformational character. That gives you the opportunity to find the information you need. Internet become an important part of international communication. The first communication net was created in 1979 beteen US Army bases. It was called Arphanet. In 90´s of 20th century was this net modernized – Internet – informational communication net was created. Now professionals use internet for work. They create new servers and web pages. Young people use internet to communicate by using chat. On chat they can online see on their monitor what the partner is writing and can answer his questions. We use internet for education, working (e-banking) or for fun (game servers). Internet is the future of communication.

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