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The main purpose of this report is to suggest changes in general appearance of the school to make it more attractive for students or visitors.


Most students have agreed that apart from external changes, the school ought to be changed radically from within. These are the most important ideas which should be considered by the school management.

Internal changes:

1 All toilets should be reconstructed. This is the most important, because it belongs to the basic needs of every person.
2 Personal or common wardrobes should be built. Shoes are scattered on hallways which looks terrible and makes the air bad also. Furthermore, thefts and losses are quite often.
3 Drop lights could be replaced by new ones, since they are really old and easy to break down.

External changes:

1 There could be a little garden in front of the school. It would improve the appearance fundamentally and it would be a great contribution to biology lessons also.


Although all ideas mentioned would be welcomed by every student, there is one thing which is over all of these. The school playground could be enlarged and renewed. We suggest planting a new grass surface on it.

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