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Mass Media
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Hundreds of radio and TV stations of the USA broadcast in languages other than English for minorities such as Chinese, French, Spanish.

People who don’t like reading newspapers or think it’s too expensive to buy it every day and then throw it away, listen to the radio. The news is read by a presenter and there is also a lot of good music. There is usually a variety of radio programmes to choose from: news programmes and weather forecasts, chat shows, educational programmes, quiz and breakfast shows, phone-in programmes and finally documentaries.
Radio is very popular and many of us like listening to the radio throughout the day no matter what we are doing, like cooking, painting a room and working in the garden.

Television is definitely the most popular source of information, many people spend hours watching TV programmes, like soap operas, sitcoms (series in which there is a different story each week about the same group of people), lots of films and cartoons. There is a wide selection of TV channels.
The media play an important role in society and some experts say they’re too powerful and influential today.
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