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In the summer the sun´s rays become more intensive. The thermometer climbs to many degrees above zero. In the summer violent summer storms may break out unexpectedly. Hailstones often fall as well, which can causes extensive demage. Spring is the time for planting most types of vegetables and fruit trees too. During the summer the crops ripen. Hailstones easily damage the golden ears of grain and knock fruit off the trees. In the summer comes harvest time for people who work in agriculture. For children, on the contrary, summer means primarily a two months – long holiday. In the summer people go swimming, some in a swimming pool, others in the river or pond. Some travel to foreign countries . in the summer the most attractive type of vacation is one at the seaside. The summertime is also an ideal time for sports. Among the favourite activities are swimming, bicycle riding, beach volleyball, hiking etc.

Autumn begins on September 23rd. Many people like the autumn because of its variegated colours. A cold and sharp wind starts blowing, carrying with it dry fallen leaves. In the morning there´s not only dew but mainly a thick white fog. Often it rains and drizzles. The days rapidly become shorter, the nights longer. People harvest vagatables in the fields. Winter begins on December 21st. the main signs of winter are the cold days and even colder nights. Icicles hang down from the eaves of roofs, puddles are frozen over and there is a lot of everywhere. Many of us connect winter with the most beautiful holiday of the year - with Christmas. People are happy, they give presents to one another and enjoy makong other people happy. On December 31st come New Year´s Eve celebrations. People are in a good mood and enjoy themselves. And so on January 1st another new year starts, spring arrives on March 21st and everything repeats once more year after year, just like on a merry - go – round.
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