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Health care

Health by definition is the complete physical, mental and social well - being. However, nowadays it’s very difficult to escape from everyday stress and stress is one of reasons for breaking out the illnesses.

In the past, there were some women who knew how to prepare some special kinds of herbal tea, which treated people who were ill. They prepared also various kinds of salves, therefore they were considered to be witches. Classical medicine today offers treatment with painkillers. It fights against illness and disease with drugs and surgery by which doctors can save millions of people.
Every illness has different symptoms. For example, when we get the flue, we have headache, sore throat and temperature. We must sleep and sweat, drink hot herbal tee and relax. When we have a fever, or when the illness holds over, it is necessary to see a doctor in a surgery. The best-known modern civilisation diseases are cancer or pneumonia. They are very dangerous for people and they usually end with death. In the world, pre - exist much more dangerous illnesses, with which people can infect themselves and they don’t have to know how.

Many people prefer other kinds of treatment which are sometimes called traditional, complementary or alternative medicine. Alternative medicine looks at the whole person, not just illness. This includes your age, eating habits, sleeping habits, job conditions, and bad habits like drinking or smoking. There are different types of alternative medicine like acupuncture, homeopathy and osteopathy. One of the reasons for the popularity of alternative medicine is that most alternative therapists give a people more time than conventional doctors. While the alternative is not using chemicals, western medicine is very important in accidents and emergencies. People won’t become ill if they make their body strong and healthy, eating healthy food, exercising regularly and getting a lot of relaxation. The body needs to rest.
As a child we got vaccinations against some childhood viruses. It is very important for our future life. But I think that the best prevention against getting sick is living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food and paying attention to the toxins in our living environment.

We should always seek to have a good healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, do sport to keep our body fit, pay attention to the signals our body gives us and only go to the doctor when it is needed.
Our health is possibly the most important thing in our life, so we must take good care of it.

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