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About Bratislava
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But the fact is that it was one of the best preserved castles until Napoleon's soldiers captured it in 18O9.

There are also a lot of palaces in Bratislava - e.g. Grassalkovich palace (former it was pioneer's palace) which is the residence of the

president today.The next one is Primacional palace where is situated the permanent expositure of the tapestries. They have very important origin. Charles I. the Stuart was real art-lover and during his period become tapestries very popular. So he employed a lot of people to make them and he also invited number of foreign artists -they were mostly from England. They made beatiful pieces of work but during the removing of the palace, tapestries got lost. They were found only in our century when the recostruction was made. The constructors fetched down the paper's walls and they found the huge hole behind them. But there was no treasure of gold and silver, there were the tapestries in very high price, too.

Another historical building is the Old Town Hall from l3th century. Today it serves as the museum housing valuable collections of documents, books and archeological foundings. The next museums are: The Slovak National Museum, The Municipal Museum and The City Museum.

Bratislava has also a lot of churches and the best-known one is St. Martin's Cathedral, that was built in l3th century in gothic style.During the centuries lO members of the Habsburg's dynasty have been crowned there.

You can also say:"Bratislava is the student's city." Yes, a lot of young people - including me - dream about the studies in Bratislava. There are many universities there, covering almost the whole sphere of recquired high education. The first universtity was found already in l467 by Matias Korvin - it was Academia Istropolitana. Today the students of the Academy of Drama and Music study there. For my studies I have chosen Comenius University or Slovak Economical University. But there is also Slovak technical University and some others there.

One of the reasons, why Bratislava is dreamt town for so many young people, is the oportunity for entertainment. Except a nuber of disco or

cinemas( Tatra, Slovan, Dukla, Hviezda, Mier) you can go to visit some

theatre e.g. SND contianing The Small Stage, The New Stage, The Studio of the New Stage, The Studio S, The Slovak Philharmonie and the Concert Hall of B.) or some traditions in trade - The B. Fair, which took place for the first time in l923. The best known are : Incheba of chemical industry, Coneco, Flora. Also the following cultural events have firm roots in B.- the Bienale and B. Music Festival.
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