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The greatest peak of Australia - Mt.Kosciusco is high as "Gerlach" peak in Czecho-Slovakia. It is situated on Great Rividing Range nearby Canberra.

(on south is Sturt's Desert)

The greatest reservoure on river is lake Eucumebere.

Most of Australia has a continental climate. Australia has a highly developed agricultural industry.

(important: mining - iron ore, coal;

food industry - sheep, sugar)

Australian aborigines are concentrated in reservation on North Territory. There are about 40,000 aborigines.

Typical Australian tree is eucalyptus, typical animals are kangaroo, koala, emu, platypus, echydna. In Australian country you may see a large termites mound.

Typical Australian sports are swimming, windsurfing, surfing. But if you want to ski, you may go to Mt.Buller's slopes. It is situated 250 km north by Melbourne.

New Zealand.


This state is situated 2,000 km south-east from Australia. It consists from two big isles (North & South) and a lot of small isles. Its area is about 270,000 square km and its population is about 3 million people. Aborigines of New Zealand are called "Maories".

It isn't independent country. It is member of British Commonwealth of Nations.

70% of population is concentrated on North Island. This island is very famous for its hot springs, volcanos, geysers.

Very known is town Rotarua - geysers.

On South Island lies mountains called Southern Alps with highest peak - Mt.Cook. (there are some glaciers)

Capital of New Zealand is Wellington.

New Zealand is 3. biggest producer of wool.
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