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Human relations


The word relationship could be defined as the way in which two people or two groups behave towards each other. Human relations are relations among people of different age, sex, social status. Family the members of a family are in the closest relationship with one another.

Parents love and protect their children. Prepare them for their lives, enable them to go to schol and learn as much as possible. The parents are older and more experienced than their children, and because of all these things they expect their children to be obedient and to respect them. In the adolescence children start to fight for their own opinions that´s why there are many conflicts between parents and children.

Brothers & sisters – it isn´t unusual that the older child thinks that the parents allow more things to the younger child. On the other hand, the younger child ofteb feels: "Why can´t I do this, when my older brother/sister can?" The most attention is paid to the oldest child, because whatever happens to him, it´s for the first time the parents have to deal with such a situation.

Grandparents – they have a great advantage over parents they don´t have to raise or educate grandchildren.

Other family members – (uncle, aunt, cousins) – the relationships are not as close as those in the immediate family, however.

At work the relationships depend mainly on the post of the employeers, it means that the head of a department is in a superior position to the employees. People at work are "equal" with each other if occupy the same post. To have a good relationship with one´s colleaques means that people are polite, pleasant, nice, helpful and friendly to each other, but a same time they keep a certain distance. Good relationships at work often develop into friendships.

School – relationship among classmates – Rs. are often friendly and open, the students are equal to one another. Usually students form a number of smaller groups according to the personal qualities of the students. During the school year there are some activities that help the students to get closer to one another, e.g. skiing trips, class trips, dancing course. Relationships among students of different classes – usually they aren´t very close relationships. Relationship between student – teacher – as the students, he teachers are different too, so the t + st. various as well. These Rs. should be honest and polite.

Neighbours – the ideal relationship betwen neighbours should be friendly. It is very good if we can turn to our neighbours for helpwhen there´s a problem at home, in the houshold and they can count on us as well. If the relation´s bad, it can pison life in the neighbourhood.

Love – there are different kinds of love. People – maternial love: it is very important, it can´t be substituted by anything else in life. Love of children for their parents: is what children feel when they think of their parents, this helps children to accept the principles and rules of parents. Love for friends: beside the family a man needs some other people around himself. Those people, who are the most similar to him are their friends. Love for man / woman – this is a sum af all these above mentioned types of love, plus there is sexual attraction, which is absent from the others. Things love for money – this´s negative phenomenon if can be very dangerous it somebody becomes obsessed by it. Love for nature– this should be natural because we all are a part of nature. Love for animals – it´s very nice thing but we should be careful not to love animals more than we love people. Love for books – it´s very important because by reading people become more educated, they have a wider intellectual horizon. Love for sport – we need sports for a healthy lifestyle, to keep fit. Ideals: love for god / religion – people´s love for god depends on the basis of the religion because different religion explain the identity of gog in diferent ways love for some ideals – it´s very goodd if there are certain ideas or philosophics we believe in, but it shouldn´t be taken into extremes, they shouldn´t harm our relationships. We can celebrate with our friends and loved ones: January 1st , New Year´s Eve, Easter, birthdays, namedays, Christmas, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, the birth of your children.

Social problems – we can say that our society is quite immature to handle the disabled people (there´re many places which aren´t accessible for handicapped people). When a handicapped person meets a healthy person, here, in our society, he isn´t seen as a normalbeing, but as something different, something not usual. His handicap makes us feel sorry for him, and that can also be seen on our behavior. Sometimes people don´t realize, that a handicapped person is really just every one of us, only he isn´t capable of walking. It might be similar to when we can´t sing, just his handicap is a result of an accident or an illness. The best we can do is to accept them as they are, and we help them the most only then, when we don´t take them as handicapped people but accept the fact that they are disabled.

A person can be addicted to many things, e.g. drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, maehmes computer games, the internet, chocolate, coffe, shopping, dieting.... They are some dependencies which aren´t harmful at the begining, they don´t damage our healh, e.g. being addicted to coffe, chocolate, shopping... . They aren´t dangerous, if we don´t closs a certain line. Dangerous dependencies are being addicted to drugs, cigarettes, gambling.

The homeless: people usually try to word them because they think that homeless got into that situation from their own fault. It´s often the fault of a homeless person that be doesn´t have a proper life, job, home and if they have a little money, they spend it on alcohol. But there are surely some cases when people get into some homeless situations and thus become homeless. People, in general, don´t deal much with this situation, that is why they don´t know much about it.

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