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Great Britain
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From this climate comes out that the Grest Britain is the country of cattle, sheep and hors breeding and they feed on everygreen grass ( not hay) and now we speak this enables the country to have not only developed industry, but also agricultural. In Britain they make use of meet, wool, skin and pedegree horses + darry products in food- processing industry ( leather i., textile i., etc.)
The U. K. industry is well developed we can speak about such branches of industry ( i.) as : the light- textile, leather, shoe, ceramics, potery, foodprocessing, meatprocessing, they have: canneries, distileries, fruit gardens, breweries, hob- gardens, suggarmils…, heavy branches of British industry are ship- building, engineering, machin tools, car industry, building industry, brickworks, for instance, cementworks, chemicals, oviation i., electric power generation ( atomic power plant), the most efficient owing to the fact they have a few rivers, but they are not deep, they are the shallow. The main rivers are the Thames ( the only fully navigable river), the Severn, the Clyde, the Dea. Surfare is mostly flat, that is with lowlands and if it is mountaneous it is chiefly in Scotland- the Scotish Highlands and partly in Wales. The highest peak is Ben Nevis in Scotland reising to the height of 4,000 feet ( 1300 metres).
Nevist ist data show that the number of inhabitants the country has is over 58 millions, i. e. ten times more then Slovakia. It is densely populated around the biggest towns, capital towns: London and the other we have mentioned above. The U. K. consists of four historical parts. In the past Britain was the most powerfull state in the world. The official name coverd also its collonies today“ dominions recognize at the head of their state Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth the second.
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