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Health and Diseases
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If you injure your arm you use a sling and go to hospital.

Very Dangerous Diseases
Some disease are still incurable. First of all it's AIDS. Some kinds of cancer are incurable too. However, if cancer is found out early enough and radiotheraphy and chemotheraphy are applied, cancer may be stopped. The third very dangerous disease is stroke. Many people die after stroke, many people are paralysed - many of them are confined to a weelchair. Eighty years ago tuberculosis (TBC) was an incurable disease too. Million of peoples died of TBC. But after Fleming had discovered penicilin, TBC became curable.
Cardio-vascular diseases are often the reason for death. They may end in heart attack which is often fatal. HIV And AIDS
HIV means Human Immuno-deficiency Virus and it cause AIDS which means Acwuired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
AIDS is caused by HIV. One is infected by HIV and sometimes is takes 10 to 12 years until AIDS develops from HIV.
HIV can be passed on in these ways:
- Through unprotected sex with an infected person
- By sharing needles and other equipment with an infected person
- Through infected medical and dental instruments
- By blood transfusion with HIV infected blood
- From an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy, at birth or when breastfeeding
HIV affects first of all homesexuals and drug users. HIV can be transmitted through sex with an men or women. Many prostitudes are infected so having sex with a prostitude is risky.
How to protect from AIDS:
- be faithful to your partner
- using a condom
- not injecting drugs
- avoid having a tatoo or piercing unless the needle is sterile
- in case you need blood transfusion ask for screened blood
Blood should be screened for the presence of HIV or Hepatitis B.
Don't put your health at risk!!!

We can't get HIV or AIDS:
- by kissing
- by dirty crokery or food
- in swimming pool
- by insect bites
- by toalet seats
- by coughing or sneezing

Keep Fit
Health is influenced by the way of life. If we want to be well, if we want to be fit we have to have a regular daily routine. It means we have to get up at the same time, we have to go to bed at the fixed time. We have to have a rest too. If we want to be well we would better walk to school not go by bus, or by car. We would better not take the lift, but walk up the stairs an down the stairs.
One of the most effective ways of keeping fit is do some sport. You needn't be a professional sportsman. Taking exercise is very healthy.
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