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Sports and Games
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For example Jim Thorfl, an American Indian won both decathlons in Stockholm in 1912.He was one of the greatest athletes in the first half of the 20-th century. At the Olympics in 1948, Bob Mathias, who was only 17, won the decathlon. He was the only one, who repeated it second time at Helsinki Games in 1952.There appeared one more great sportsman. Emil Zátopek from Czechoslovakia. He became and still is the only man, who won 5000m, 10 000 races and marathon in a single Olympics.
In 1976 Nadia Comaneci, marvelous 14 year old gymnast from Romania, won 3 gold medals and recorded 7 perfect scores during the competition.
The Winter Games were also witnesses of many magnificent performances. The Austrian Toni Sailer won all 3 gold medals in men's Alpine skiing in 1956 in Cortina da´Ampesso in Italy. Sonja Henie from Norway, who is still one of the greatest skaters, won 3 gold medals. She was the first skater, who changed her athletic success into a lucrative career in entertainment. In 1980 the U. S. hockey team snatched the gold medal from favored Soviets and also Eric Heiden won all 5 gold medals in men's speed skating.

SUMMERSPORTS• football • basketball• volleyball• handball • tennis • badminton • cricket• golf• swimming• water-polo• diving• yachting• hiking• cycling• riding horses• roll-skating, light athletics:

UNIVERSITY BOAT RACE - Since 1829 the university of Oxford and Cambridge agreed to have a race. Tradition started. Now every spring boat race goes on the Thames. There are 8 men in each boat and there is also cox, who controls the boat. ROYAL ASCOT - Ascot is a small town in the south of England. In June it becomes the centre of horse racing. The Queen always goes there. Ascot is also famous for fashion, women wear extraordinary big hats. WIMBLENDON - Is the world’s famous tennis tournament. It’s in south part of London. It started in the 19th century. The court is grass and visitors eat strawberries. BOXING DAY HUNTS - Traditionally boxing day is a day of hunting. The hunters ride horses and used dogs. Before a hunt they drink hot wine. Nowadays some people want to stop this tradition because it is cruel for animals.
CRICKET - Is one of the most typical English sports. It demands a perfect pitch, sunny weather and a lot of time. It has its own language and one match can last up to three days. FOOTBALL/Soccer is a game played by two teams on a rectangular field with the ball. The players control the ball by using their feet. Only goalkeepers are allowed to handle the ball. It is played by two teams of eleven players. There is a goal keeper, backs, half-backs and forward.
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