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Sports and Games
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The most famous national teams are: Cuba, China, Russia, Holland and Italy.
Badminton is indoor, but it could be also outdoor game, which is played by two or by four players.
They need a net, lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock. Players hit the shuttlecock over the net with rackets. A point can be only by the serving side. If the serving side fails it loses the serve. A game is played to 15 points, but in women singles only to 11 points. At the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona badminton was contested as an official Olympic sport.
Archery has been popular as an amateur sport in England. The oldest archery tournament was in 1673.
In the early 1900s archery became an Olympic sport for men and women at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Archery was modernized in 1992.After this year Olympic round consists of a ranking round, an elimination round and a team finals round. The individual event includes 64 archers, all shooting at the same time at targets 70m away. Archers with the highest scores compete for medals. Field shooting simulates hunting game, with small targets situated in the nature.
Figure skating is an indoor sport. This sport is very popular in many countries especially in Russia, where are the best skaters. The major types of figure skating are individual men's and women's competitions, pairs skating, ice dancing and precision skating. In individual competitions a single skater performs many maneuvers. Pair skating consists of two skaters performing together.
Precision skating consists of a team of skaters, who perform choreographed maneuvers.
The most famous skaters were- Sonja Henje, or Dick Button, who was five- times World champion and two times Olympic gold medalist.

Winter sports ice-hockey* figure skating* snowboarding* skiing – jumps* skiing – downhill* cross – country --- are popular among people of all ages. Skiing is probably the most popular or winter sports, it is famous for about 5000 years. The sport did not become popular form of recreation until the 20-th century. Now millions of people enjoy skiing for its sense of freedom. There are two types of skiing: Alpine, or Downhill and Nordic or Cross-Country. There are four events in Alpine ski racing:
Slalom (sometimes called special slalom), giant slalom (GS), super giant slalom (super G) and downhill. – race in which the skier must pass between pairs of poles...
The different events require different techniques and different equipment. It is very hard sport for body. The professionals have problems with their knees. The most famous skiers were: Alberto Tomba who was very good at slalom, Luc Alphand, or Giradelli, who was for five times World Cup winner.
There are many skiing events.
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