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Sports and Games
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Every team can have six players on the ice. Usually one is the goalie and the others are skaters. The skaters are divided into two groups: the attackers and the defensemen. Three of them are the attackers and two are the defenders. The game begins with face-off. It means, that the players make a circle. Each team is on one half of the circle. One player of every team goes to the middle to try to win the face-off. Then the referee drops a puck between the center players. Players charged to win the face-off are trying to pass the puck to their teammates with their sticks. If any player makes a foul during the game, the referee can send him off the field for some time. This is called penalty. Normal penalty length is two minutes, but it depends on how serious the foul is. The team with one or more players advantage is playing a power play. But the other team is short-handed, so it must kill the penalty. The game can be interrupted, when is called icing, offside, loose-net, penalty, or in the NHL, the two lines pass. The game is divided in three periods of 20 minutes. If during the normal time the match doesn’t have a winner, it can be prolonged to the overtime. The overtime is a short period, in witch the first team to scores is the winner. It is also called “quick death”. In playoffs draw games aren’t accepted, so if the match doesn’t have a winner after the overtime period, shootout is the solution of judging the teams. Soccer: Soccer is being played on a grass field. It is too a game, where two teams must score the highest number of goals possible. Every team has 11 players (one is goalkeeper). The game is played with ball. Fouls are punished with free kicks. Referee can give for harder fouls yellow or red cards. Yellow card is the first and last warning. If the same player makes some serious foul during the game, he is given a red card. With the red card he is sent off the field for the rest of the game end he can’t play in the next match. The coach is allowed to make only three suspends in one match. Every game has two halves, 45 minutes per each half. The greatest soccer tournament is the World cup. It’s organized every four years. This cup is the most valuated soccer trophy.

Chess: Chess is not enough respected as a sport. Rules are simple: game is played on a board of 8x8 squares of black and white color. Each player has 16 figures. The figures represent a king, a queen, two bishops, two knights, two rocks and eight pawns.
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