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Sports and Games
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The main idea is to win the game defeating the enemy – the player you play against. You must have good combination qualities, if you want to win the game. Pawns can move only one square forward, but they are operating on the first squares forwards on diagonal lines. Bishops operate only on diagonals of their color. Knights’ moves are L-shaped. It means that they always move three squares forwards (forwards, backwards, to the left or to the right) and then one square to the side. Rocks can move only horizontal or vertical. The queen can move to every side – horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The king is also allowed to move to all sides, but only one square. Players can take other one’s figures. This is a very old game. It is a strategy game based on fights and battles between two kingdoms. Table-tenis: This game is for two or four players. For playing is needed: table, net, at least one ball (the official diameter is 40 millimeters), racket (each player has to have one). The object of this game is to defeat the player(s) on the other side of the table by winning more sets. New rules of this sport say, that every game is played until one player has three sets won. To win the set means, that the player needs to score 25 times against the other player. You scores, when you hit the ball, the ball goes over the net to the other side of the table, touches more than one times the table, or touches the table once and the other player is unable to send you the ball back. According to new rules, everyone serves two times, and then the service is changed for two services. For this game good reflexes are needed.

3 How to get to the top
There is only one way how you can be the best – hard training. It doesn’t matter which sport are you interested in (- which you are doing), if you want to get to the top, the only solution is to practice to improve your skill until you reach your dream. Of course, you have to have some psychical and physical qualities, or you won’t exceed… But this is a lot of times a question of being lazy and not enough strong psychically. I mean, a lot of big sportsmen had to win over their own mind by not giving up when they felt they were fed up with their sport. That’s the moment, when you need a help of someone to keep you trying, practicing, going on with the activity you wanted to be good in. That person can be for example your stranger or a good friend of yours.
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