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Sports and Games
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Their task is to encourage you and help you to not give up because of eventual failure in training or in a competition… If you want to get to the top one day, remember: If you believe yourself, sure you will achieve – “Believe, achieve!”

4 Olympic games
The Olympic Games (The Olympics) were already held in ancient Greece. At that time they put emphasis on the ideal of an all-round developed person. The Olympic Games were renewed by Pierre de Coubertin before more than hundred years ago (exactly in the year 1896) and today as well as in ancient times they take place every four years. Since 1924 there are two parts to the games – the winter part and the summer part – which alternate once every two years.
Modern Olympic games have been realized since year 1896. They are taken in a way similar to the world championships. Every two years are changing the winter Olympic games and summer Olympic games. The last games were the Winter Olympic games in Salt Lake City in the USA. The symbol of the Olympic games is the five color rings, which represent the five continents.
5 Sport activities in my life
Since my childhood I was interested in sports. I think it could be because my father was very good sportsmen during his studies. His original profession is also PE teacher, so he had to be good. He has been teaching me ways to improve myself in the sports I was interested in. And thanks to him now I can be proud of my skill of skiing, swimming or playing table tennis. But this is also a question of training and my will to learn. Without this it’s impossible to be good in any sport. I like very much skiing. That’s one of my favorite sports. It’s a pity that this sport can be realized only in winter… The risk might be big, but the better equipment you have the smaller is the risk… Another sport which I enjoy doing it is the table tennis. I usually don’t have time and a fellow-player to play against, so I don’t play it often. I think I like this game because it is dynamic and it requires good reflexes. Although many people don’t consider it as a sport, I like chess. I can say, that I’m quite good in this sport. I have won several competitions here in the district and I think I am one of the best chess players in my category here (together with Svrček and Batmendijnová...).
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