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The Amazing Half-Eaten Apple-Clue
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Once up on a time there was a robber who had ascaped from prison and there was a jeweller who was robbed. The robber always jused to put something who was his left in the store he robbed. When the police got the message about the robbery they ran out to their cars and drove over. The investigator examined the floor the roof the walls and even the jewellery who was left. Right were the jewllery were placed , there now was a «half-eaten-apple». The investigator took the apple into a little bag and they drove down to the station. They planed to do something wich they never had done before. They took a impression of the «teethprints» and went down to the dentist for some questions. When they came down to the dentist, the police asked if they had an impression who looked the same as they had taken. He had to look in to the archives if there was any , and he had to call all the other tentists to, and tell them to look into their archives if they can find any , so the police had to wait. The next day the dentist called the police and told them there was a dentist in another town who had found a impression who matched with the polices impression. They got the address to the robber drove over to him, surprised him, arrested him, and brought him to the station. In the trial the police introduced the evidens against him , but unfortunately the judge said: I`m sorry but this aint not enough to go to trial whit , we have to let him go. The day after, another store was robbed. And they found the robbers «fingerprints» this time. Now as the police got the fingerprints and the teethprints, they could captivate him. A few hours later , he was behind bars. He had just got him self locked in behind the walls for another fifteen years.
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