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A Report on American Economics in English Includes Social Security
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Public officials have debated which
of the various ways would help best serve the public
interest, and legislative action has been taken that would
ultimately result of the Social Security system to a
positive cash base. This shift would provide the workers of
America with the same benefits they have been guaranteed
since 1935- and have been paid, and expanded ever since. The social security system has withstood forty years of
changing economic conditions and greater concern of public
welfare. What would replace the system, if the critics had
their way?


The social security system has saved an untold number
of people from disaster throughout many years. Many of the
nations old people- some as young as sixty-two, a few over
a hundred, live from Social Security paycheck to Social
security paycheck, with this government program as their
livelihood. There can be no doubt that social security has
made a tremendous effort to alleviate a lot of suffering
that has occurred, even in recent times.

The Social Security act was one of the cornerstones of
Roosevelt's new deal program, and it is one of who's
necessity has been proven, and whose usefulness has allowed
it to live. Like all the other new deal projects,
Social Security was never meant to show a financial profit,
It was meant to show a profit only in the amount of human
suffering, It was able to lift. The social security program
cannot be measured in the same manner that a private program
can be evaluated in, because it is a governmental welfare
program. which doesn't mean that it acts in competition with
private programs, that was never its intent. The social security
administration has written:

"Today the American economic system has produced
relatively full employment, widespread ownership property, and a
rapidly increasing standard of living for the majority
of Americans. It has developed a threefold structure to
prevent economic insecurity: a public social objectives,
mutual protection through private employee-benefit plans to
bring the added strength of voluntary of group action:
and private savings and other individual action to achieve
the greatest range of choice".

One only has to look at the number of people, and the
amount of money, that those who are recipients of Social
security effect, and the advantages of Social Security
become obvious: it has taken a group of people who have
traditionally been a financial burden on society, and
provided a program that they have contributed a little
to their own financial well being. the amount of dignity
and self respect these people have gained cannot be measured
in dollars.
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