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Armenian genocide
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They never suspected that when they reached the government
headquarters they would be either shot on the spot or imprisoned where they
would be tortured and then killed. Turkish torture included the pulling out
of nails, teeth and beards, and driving of nails through the feet and hands.
Again, this was possible because of the lack of communication between Armenian
On April 24, 1915 several hundred Armenian leaders from Constantinople were
arrested and put in prison where they could do no harm. The only reason they
were able to live was because of the many foreign offices in Constantinople.
April 24 is now the day that Armenians around the world commemorate the
The end of May 1915 the Temporary Law of Deportation was inacted. This
authorized the deportation of any individuals who might be guilty of treason
or espionage. Criers were sent to the villages where they announced that the
Armenians were to be deported "temporarily". Sometimes they were given a week
or more to prepare for the journey, but they usually only had 1 or 2 days.
They sold all of their valuables for a fraction of their original cost out of
desperation. Officially Armenian homes were "safe guarded" by the government,
but once the deportees left town their homes were looted and anything on the
house made of wood would be used in fires to heat the homes of Turks during
the winter. When the day of the departure came police like figures called gendarmes
gathered the deportees in the town center. The gendarmes then led the
caravans out. Once they reached the city limits the men were usually
separated from the group and then shot. After that, the Women children and
the elderly proceeded to their destination, usually the deserts of Syria or
Allepo (city in Syria). Caravans would begin the voyage with one to three
thousand and reach their destination with less than one hundred. A special organization was created by the Turkish government called the
Special Organization. The Special organization was made up of criminals from
Ottoman prisons including rapists and murders, and was led by officers of the
Ottoman War Academy. They were first used to fight against Russia but were
later used to attack the caravans of deportees. They attacked in ravines, and
narrow mountain passes. They raped the women and stole what few possessions
they still had.
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