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Credit Cards and Debit Cards
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TB requires that you have income of at least SKK 10 000 per month and you are continuously employed for over a year to issue you a VISA Card. Annual fees range from SKK 750 to SKK 5200 depending on type of the card and insurance package. Fee for cash-takeout from ATM is 1,5% (min SKK 150), from bank 2% (min SKK 250) and for blocking of the card SKK 1000. TB also offers an interesting additional product- virtual VISA Card. It is not a traditional plastic card and it is designed for e-commerce. You can ask for virtual VISA Card as an additive card to your standard VISA for free or you can create it as a new one. The conditions, terms and payments differ little from standard cards.
American Express services offer tends to be the more exclusive one on the market. This means the advantages following membership in the American Express club, broad insurance package or unlimited loan amount. To get hand on these services, current account in TB is needed, and you have to pledge $ 5 000, 10 000 or 50 000(70 000-new client) mil for AMEX Green, Gold or Platinum credit card respectively. Entry fee is $80; annual fees vary from $ 100 to $400, cash-takeout fee is 4%, check payments are charged with 5%. The last, and quite special credit card product is a co-branded EUROCARDMASTERCARD- MERCEDESCARD. This card is offered in cooperation with Motor-Car Wiesenthal and available only to its clients. The conditions are very much the same as with VISA Cards, as a bonus it allows the cardholders to exploit various discounts on car-related goods and services. Cetelem

The purpose of introducing this company is to indicate that the options are not restricted to banks only and specialized subjects have their place on the market. Though Cetelem itself is a part of a large financial group- BNP Paribas. Activities of this company focus in the area of consumer credit services with the main product - AURA card - a revolving credit type card. It is issued for free, with no annual fees. If you do not use it, it actually is something as an ever-ready reserve. When the card is used, the installments represent at least 5% of monthly credit limit plus 2,39% month interest rate accounted daily from unpaid amount. Other fees include 1,5% cash-takeout in abroad and SKK 100 for transfer payments to client accounts. To get this card you have to be a citizen of SR and have regular and permanent revenue. Conclusion

For picking up the winner of this paper, several aspects have to be considered. I suppose it would be better to evaluate the more suitable product for each particular group of customers.
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