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Business plan
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1. Details of the business
The name of the company will be the GROCER’S NATURE. We will start initially with the partnership where two partners at the beginning: Jana Šipošová and Zuzana Adamová. Then, if we have success, we would change it to the limited company with few shareholders. 2. Personal details
I worked in this kind of food shops during last three years when I lived in the USA. My position was the shop assistant and the cashier. I also worked as a secretary in a small company in Slovakia. Besides my work experience, I studied the Management at the University of Comenius in Bratislava. Miss Zuzana Adamová has worked as an accountant for four years in several companies in the USA and also in Slovakia. She studied the Marketing at The Economic University of Bratislava.

3. Pesonnel
We will hire two full-time cashiers and one shop assistant. Miss Zuzana Adamová will do the accounting. I will do secretarial work and general office administration. Communicating with suppliers and clients’ complains will be divided between two of us.

4. Product/service
Our retail outlet will sell groceries that are all natural, without the emulsifiers, raising agents, artificial colours and flavours. We will be supplied from small domestic farms that will assure us about the natural origin of the products. Sales will be made directly to customers in our shop. 5. Market
We decided to open this special grocery with the natural healthy food because it doesn’t exist in Slovakia so far. We discovered this kind of shops in the USA where they enjoy big popularity. Contemporary trends show that people return to nature, if it is in the fashion, cosmetics or in the food habits. The network of natural shops in the USA is growing and we see the big potential in Slovak market too. The target consumers are all age and social categories because it concerns healthy life of all people. Our products are also devoted to the newborns and children because they will be of absolutely pure, natural consistence. As we are first to start and open this kind of business, there is no competition in the area, neither in Slovakia. 6. Marketing
We plan to advertise the opening of the shop in the local press and by flyers distributed directly to the customers in the big malls and shopping centers during two weeks before opening and two weeks after the opening of our shop.

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