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Once a manager, should I care about my development?
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In the last years new, progressive methods have emerged:
Features of advanced Executive Growth Programs
When the Human Relations movement came into existence, training programs recognized the need to cultivate supervisory skills, e.g., delegating, career development, motivating, coaching, mentoring, etc. Progressive management schools now have learners review a wide body of management topics and learn those topics by applying that knowledge in the workplace and reflecting on that application. Learning activities incorporate learners’ real-world activities in the workplaces or their lives. Assignments include reflection and analysis on real-world experience. Learning is enhanced through continuing dialogue and feedback among learners. Very good schools manage to include forms of self-development, too, recognizing that the basis for effective management is effective self-management. Effective management development programs help managers take a system’s view of their organizations, including review of how major functions affect each other. Assignments include recognizing and addressing effects of one’s actions on their entire organization.
Development methods and options
Now I will write a list of the most common methods I found for managerial learning. To list and describe all possibilities to learn would cover tenths of pages.
Career Counseling
Hopefully, learners have the opportunity to work with their supervisors to develop career plans which identify areas for improvement or advancement. Coaching
Coaching is becoming a very popular means of development, and often includes working one-on-one with the learner.
Universities, colleges and training centers often have a large number of courses in management, professional and personal development. Distance Learning
This typically includes learning by getting information and / or guidance from people who are not face-to-face with the learner.
Job Assignments
Job assignments are wonderful opportunities from which to learn. We just aren't used to thinking of them that way. Job Rotations
This can be one of the most powerful forms of development, allowing learners to experience a broad range of managerial settings, cultures and challenges.
Lectures, or focused presentations by experts on subject matter. Management Development Programs
Local universities, colleges and training centres usually offer these programs. Carefully review their program content and design to ensure that training includes real-life learning activities during which learners can develop skills for the workplace. E.g.
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