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Once a manager, should I care about my development?
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Hopefully, learners find experienced managers in the workplace who are willing to take learners "under their wing" and provide ongoing coaching and mentoring.
On-Line Training
There are now numerous sources of on-line training (learning information from computer diskette, CD-ROM, the Internet, etc. This form of learning is sometimes called Web-based-training. On-the-Job Training
This form helps particularly to develop the occupational skills necessary to manage an organization.
Other-Directed Learning
This includes having someone other than the learner identify the training goal.
Orientation to New Jobs or Roles
A carefully developed procedure for orienting new employees is very helpful for getting employees "off on the right foot" when starting their jobs.
Peer-Based Methods
This includes formats where peers focus on helping each other learn, e.g., by exchanging ongoing feedback, questions, etc.
Self-Directed Learning
Highly motivated learners can usually gain a great deal of knowledge and skills by identifying their own learning objectives.
Training Courses and Workshops
Workshops, seminars, convention sessions, etc. are useful, in particular, for highly focused overviews of a particular subject or training about particular procedures.
Workshops typically include some hands-on practice by the learner, and can be very practical means to learn a certain technique or procedure.

The future of development programs
In the future the development programs are to change. These days educators intend their courses to be as relevant as possible to their students, or learners. However, to meet the expanding and diverse needs of students, educators often fall victim to instilling more quantity then quality in their courses. The primary goal of educators then becomes to expose the students to as much of this "learning" as possible. Meeting this goal requires educators to conduct a fast-paced and intensive delivery of course information. Learners are left to quickly record the information, store it away, somehow realize which information is needed in a current work situation, and know where the information can be accessed. Learners rarely accomplish this task.
An increasing number of developers understand that the approaches must be changed. They realize the need for adaptable development programs that can be integrated with other forms of learning to accommodate the needs of highly diverse and busy learners.
In the upcoming times we, the learners will be much more pulled into designing our own development programs. The most important contributions from us, is to speak up about the needs and frustrations regarding training and development programs.
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