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Collective defence in Europe
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In the Act of Kirchberg (May 9th 1994) was offered to the nine EU assotiated countries a possibility of an assotiated membership. That means, that the Westeuropean union offers three different levels of membership:
 full membership (10 countries)
 associated members (Island, Norway, Turkey)
 assotiated partnership
Besides these levels, there is also the status of the observers. These are formed from the EU and NATO members, who are not participating on the membership of the WEU. Armed forces are established from the member’s armies – Eurocorps (Benelux, Spain, Portugal), Euromarfor and Eurofor. The effectivity of the forces is often impeached, because there were not any steps taken by the WEU in the conflicts across Europe in the 90´s. Organisation for Safety and Cooperation in Europe
The discussions about this political – safeguard structure started in 1972 after the signature of the Act of Helsinki. In 1975 spreaded the organisation its influence all over the Europe. In Helsinki, during the days June 30th till august 1st 1975 was signed by the delegates of more than 30 countries from Europe, near east, USA and Canada the main document – the Final Act. This document was based on three main ways of cooperation:
 The safety of Europe
 Cooperation in science, technology and environmental protection
 Humanitarian questions and human rights protection
In November 1990 passed the 34 member states the Chart of Paris, which contained beside other resolutions also the creation of Council of Foreign Secretaries as a forum for regular political consultations. The question about permanent armed forces is the same as by European Union. The troops are present only as military forces of the member states. However, in 1999 started OSCE negotiations with NATO, which means a vital cooperation between these two organisations.
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