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obchodný list - objednávka (order)

Rokokoy a. s., Tajovského 16, 040 01 Košice 1, Slovakia

The Sales Manager 13th February 2004
Kenvelo Ltd.
Manhattan street 456/52
Liverpool 056 32

Dear Sir or Madam

Your letter of 9th February 2004 convinced us to place the order for the Jeans you wrote about.

Please confirm that you supply quantity by the required date. We would like you to confirm that the payment is it be made by the letter of credit which we have already applied to the bank.

Please arrange the insurance against all risks for the above mentioned delivery.

We hope that this will be first of many orders we will be pleacing with you.

Yours sincerely

Jana Liptáková (Ms)
Managing Director.

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