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4. Products and services

Following the arrival of Ing. Jiří Kunert, the new CEO, in the top position of the bank in August 2001, the new bank management has focused primarily on elimination of flaws in the banks supply of products and services. UniBanka, a. s. is now competitive with all other banks and it is able to offer several special, tailor-made products to its customers. The banks offer already includes
consumer credits, and mortgage credits will be included shortly. It also sells shares funds of the prominent world Pioneer Investment Company in its network, which considerably enhances investment options for customers. To improve and deepen customer service, a specialised workplace for private clients with a highly personal approach to customers has been established in Bratislava. The bank also offers life and investment insurance as well as travel insurance to bank card holders in collaboration with Allianz (insurance). In the area of corporate banking, the bank is focused on restructuring and enhancement of its acquisition activities.
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