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History of Money
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The designs on the coinage were related to Christianity. The Judeo Christian religions are well represented by coins, too. Many other cities and kings mentioned in the Bible appeared on coins. How were the coins produced?

By 550 BC the coinage was established in all the important trading centres of the known world of that times. Machine made coins did not appeared in Japan until 1870 and 1889 in China. Except these oriental lands, the coins were handmade until 1500. The Italians then invented devices for making round metal coins with designs on them.

What about coins and Slovakia?

Slovakia has also its own mint. It is situated in the town called Kremnica. The surroundings and the natural sources which were found there predetermined this place to be the right one to establish a mint. The oldest mines were dug out in the eighth and ninth century. That means that the gold could be mined since mentioned time. The first written mention about Kremnica is in the form of privileges issued by Karol Robert from Anjou in 1328. He gave an approval of a regal town for the local settlement and he called down skilled miners and specialists interested in processing the gold from other countries of the Central Europe. The aim of this step was to realise a monetary reformation to make the country stronger. He also decided to establish a mint there because the amount of gold found in the mines was abundant. The gold and silver which was mined there and striking coins was profitable so the town became richer than before. This important step predetermined this town to be one the famous ones in the history of Slovakia. The mint is still functioning and it is the only one in Slovakia. It produces all kinds of coins – coins used for payment (Slovak crowns are also made there) and memorable coins, used, for example, to commemorate important dates in the history of Slovakia. This mint also produces various products made of scarce metals. It is also known abroad and some other countries have their coins done there, too. Coins, as a mean of payment and as a solution for the barter system which was not so effective, seem to be one of the most important inventions in the history of the world. This invention has been influencing people for many years. However in the world where the technological progress belongs to the main motivations for making our lives even more comfortable, faster and easier, the meaning of coins has not lost the importance and will not for many years.
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