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Why should companies hire newly graduated students and let work mothers on maternity leave
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Second case: To hire professional/s
They have their own successful methods
They have experiences what to do, how to do st.
They have contacts in various companies
They are thinking just one way, how are they used to
Some may think that they are something more than others (snobbery)
The company can learn something new from the professional
The company can figure out how other companies work
Environment can look at the company as willing to higher quality
May bring pressure in the team (fear of firing)
Enormous salary demands
Own office demands
Third case: Working mothers
Professional will stay in company
Not essential to hire new person
Loss of a certain professional(mother), when leaving for maternity leave
Assimilation of co-workers to a new person
New hired person can be better
Monotony from the workplace disappears
Bad assimilation of a new person
Loss of a professional

Step four: Alternative Solutions
To each SWOT analysis are here some alternative solutions:
The first solution: To hire graduated students
+ it would help company to get new point of view
+ efficiency in working on new cases
+ new, fresh, progressive ideas
-high costs for the company to train new employees
-longer time needed to train potential employees (loss of time)
The second solution: To hire professional/s
+ company can learn new approaches
+ valuable contacts
+ successful methods
-higher demand of salary
-potential not to get rid of previous customs
The third solution: Let the mothers working while motherhood
+ convenient for the employer/company
+ professional stays in the company
-not actively in the work
-cannot interfere in the company immediately
The fourth solution: Mixture of all previous mentioned solutions
+ if we consider all advantages in above written alternative solutions, this mixture of hiring students, professionals from other companies and also let mothers working while motherhood, this solution seems to be the most favorable.

Step five: Recommended solution
After considering all alternative factors to a detailed SWOT analysis, the recommended solution is set to be the mixture of all alternative solutions. That means, however students, who graduated some other type of school and achieved e.g. a Mgr. title, what is in business not that respected, companies can provide them a 30-day mini-MBA course. As example we can see the McKinsey Consulting group. (Careers in business, 2004). Even better is to co-operate with various types of business-focused schools and let them to solve some simulated cases. That is how companies can observe analytical and flexible thinking of potential employees. Also the company does not need to be afraid of loosing a quality by hiring newly graduated students, because a quality training will be provided.
The hiring of a professional also seems to be according to the SWOT analysis very useful. The whole company can learn new, maybe better attitude to solve problems.
The professional can exchange his experiences with his new co-workers. This seems to be very convenient for the company that can utilize the hiring of a professional.
The third solution, let mothers working while maternity leave can also be beneficial for the company. However, mother is not actively in work, she is always on-line, is in contact with the company via computer, internet and web camera. This is the best solution, how to join privacy and work.

Step six: Justification and evaluation
Why should the company succeed?
First, this system of hiring newly graduated students along with professionals from different companies is developing many years round the world and companies take advantages from each of these fragments.
Second, also the process of letting mothers working at home is spread worldwide. In the United States almost every second mother works at home with the help of computer and internet. The receiving of newly graduated students and allowance of working home are very good signals for the public, that the company gives chances to beginners to work themselves out and that it honors its employee’s job.

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