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What Are the Necessary Changes Slovakia Must Go Through in Order to Be Able to Join and Be Successful within the EU?
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Sufficiently covered area by quality infrastructure can be a mirror reflexion of investments coming from other EU member countries or overseas to Slovakia.
Slovakia should be ready in advance for competitive by setting the highest quality standard for products and services in order to meet criteria towards EU countries. Majority of industry production in Slovakia consists of food products. Food industry has been always traditionally represented in Slovakia. Already before planning entry in 2004 most of the producers in Slovakia already optimized production facilities and methods with optimal recommendations and practices of EU standard norms. EU has very strict rules regarding distribution of food products on its area. After Slovakia enter EU, all barriers and restrictions will disappear and only barrier on the free open market will be the language. Slovakian producers will have to improve quality, innovation changes, and speed of production and customer service. 450 million consumers in EU will become for Slovakian producers very big challenge to synchronize technological practices and policy of supply with market of EU.
In order Slovakia achieves economic success and improvement of living standard, has to reasonably utilize money coming from EU funds to support programs for developing of countryside and has to avoid any possible corruption. All money coming from EU to support programs PHARE, SAPARD and ISPA should be considered carefully, which area or region of Slovakia will be invested into. Future of these less developed regions is depends on how much money will be invested. Regions with less developed infrastructure, which do not have so much industry, could be attractive for foreign tourist for example and make more money from travel and tourism. Here is important to focus on facilities and capacity of hotels, and to enable easy access to attraction, which current region offers and are situated highly in the mountains, like north-east region for example. Ministry of any kind should realize that even small impulse of help to one contractor to get contract could handicap the others when they are dealing about certain expensive contract for government. Unfair choice of job supplier can disappoint other contractor whose offer was even better. Importance of equity while doing important decisions and reasonably utilization of investments are and will be very important aspects of successful membership in EU.
Chances, which EU offers are great and it is up to each candidate country if will take it or not. If Slovakia wants to become full member of EU, has to go through some changes. Thanks to them can achieve better lifestyle for its population and success for whole country like a unit.
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