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What Are the Necessary Changes Slovakia Must Go Through in Order to Be Able to Join and Be Successful within the EU?
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For a smooth process of joining EU and being successful within this community, Slovakia will have to go through some changes, which help to the country become competitive, economically stronger and help to approach to the standard level of EU countries. These changes could be for example accepting of Euro currency or building of new infrastructure. Not less important thing in order to support travel and tourism is increasing capacity of accommodation for travelers, and improving quality of services which are some way connected with this kind of business. Products similarly like services will have to adapt on European market very quickly, where are already valid some basic principles and rules for distribution and selling of products. For example, EU is very strict about hygienic norms of food products selling in member countries. Another important fact, which is pointing out, by EU officials is current level of corruption, which should be changed already before Slovakia joins EU. Decreasing of corruption is significant during realization of project financing from European funds. Realization of all mentioned changes will be task not only for government, but for all regular people living in Slovakia as well, and they can together create a new look for new candidate country and later for new member.
Building of new and repairing of already existing infrastructure can be one of the goals, that Slovakia will attract more foreign investors, than before. Quality highway and railway connection is priority of country, which would like to get more investments from abroad. It’s very important mainly within automobile industry in Slovakia, which is developing very rapidly. Quickly expanding automobile industry requires quick transport of all necessary parts for making cars. This is one of the reasons, why Peugeot and Citroen are planning to build up a brand new factory in Trnava rather than in the central or eastern Slovakia. If one kind of transport fails, can be replaced by another. Is very probably, that factory will use more railway connection, which is more reliable, faster and cheaper than often overloaded highways from Bratislava to Trnava.
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