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Internet Explorer
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About :

Internet Explorer is a commonly used network – based application. It’s main function is to provide a graphical and user friendly access to internet to wide range of users. This application is majory used on Windows operated consoles but in isn’t a rule. It is fast, easy to use and in does not consume much of the memory resources. Internet in the past was not the same as it is now. It used to be run by command line applications but nowadays thans to Internet Explorer, anyone can surf the internet, pictures can be viewed and files can be trasfered. Today, the latest version is Internet Explorer 6.0 and it has become much safer comparing to the past versions. This is because it uses 128bit encryption. This enables users to do internet banking, online shops or safe data transfers.

It is much faster then before. In the past, Internet Explorer was based in IPX protocol. This is an old – fashioned way to exchange data on internet. Nowadays it uses TCP / IP protocol and it tends to be much faster that ever.

How IE works:

It is just a simple application that downloads data from a specific address on the internet and then the data is translated and formulated to the state you can see on the screen. This way of encoding is called HTML – Hypertext Markup Language and it is the key to new way of communication.

About IE’s features:

Whole application consists of MENU BAR (MB), TOOL BAR (TB) and the ADDRESS BAR (AB). MB is the top part on the screen and it is used to execute all of the functions and setups. TB is a bar full of icons that are just shortcuts to some of these functions. AB is probably on of the commonly used fetures because that is the place where you input the link to a webpage. File menu:

 New, Open, Edit, Save, Save as
 Page setup, Print, Print preview
 Send, Import and Export
 Properties, Work offline, Close

Funcions like New …. are similar to all other Windows applications. Page setup, Print preview and Print are used to setup printing properties and to execute printing. It is also similar to other apps. Send is a feature which sends the currently displayed link or webpage by email or sends shortcut to desktop. Properties show the information about page displayed.
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