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Cellular phones use in the Europe
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The culture of cellular phone use in Europe is very different than in the United States. There are three major factors:

1st Factor: Europe uses different providers who offer different services than in the USA.

2nd Factor: European cell phones have different functions than American cell phones.

3rd Factor: The mentality of people who use cell phones in Europe is different than in the United States.

First Factor
The Operators and their Services in Europe

In Europe, the strategy of cell phone providers is to offer cheaper service than the conventional telephone companies. Start-up cellular phone companies are pushing out conventional phone.
Question: Why?
Answer: Explain what a “Sim Kart” is, and why it is cheaper to use than the conventional telephone. This was the first step to developing a cellular phone market with cheap services. There are two types of marketing strategies:

1st Type: Customer pays for their cellular phone and services on a monthly basis. Each provider offers a different payment plan. After your service plan ends you keep the phone.

2nd Type: Pre paid cellular phones however this costs more than a services plan.

Second factor
Differing functions of American and European cellular phones


1. Cell phones in Europe have different serial numbers. For example the Nokia 3510 in Europe is the 3560 in a United States. European cellular phones are also smaller than America. 2. The new series of cell phones have build in fotocams. Fotocams in cellular phones cause than MMS messaging pushes out classical SMS. Cell phones in Europe will soon be same as in America.

Third factor
The mentality of people who use cellular phones in Europe

In Europe people use their cellular phones for communications SMS and MMS messaging, because they are cheaper than calling.
People are creating new social rules, which effects cell phone usage.

1st Rule: Prohibition of use of cell phones in school.

2ndRule: Prohibition of use of cell phones at social gatherings for example, in the theatre.

3rdRule: Prohibition of use of cell phones in hospitals and other places, where they may endanger other people’s lives.

4thRule: Prohibition of use of cell phones while driving.

Cellular phone services are constantly changing in Europe, and people often change Sim Karts and cell phones.
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