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Cellular Phone Use in United States of America

There are cultural and economic differences between America and Europe in using the cellular phone. There are three major factors:

1st Factor: In the United States, there are different providers and networks, which have different services than in the Europe.

2nd Factor: In the United States, there are different cellular phone serial numbers, than cellular phones in Europe.

3rd Factor: The culture of using cellular phone use in United States is different than in Europe.

First Factor
Providers, Networks and Services in the United States

In the United States there are different networks and service providers than in the Europe. Customers have to a select a payment plan; there are two different types.

1. Customer buys a cellular phone for full price and selects a monthly payment plan. 2. Customer buys a cellular phones at discounted rate or receives it” free “upon purchase of a service package. In the monthly plan the charge for your so-called “free” phone is already built in.

Different cellular phones serials numbers

The United States uses different cellular phone serial numbers than in Europe, because:

Cellular phones are produced for use in only the continent in which they are assigned. They also have different serial numbers because they work in different networks. Third factor
Culture use cellular phone in United States

In the United States, calling is more popular than sending messages, because people in United States are snug. The United States has cheap calls networks cheaper than Europe. Customers don’t change their cellular phones as often.

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