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Mobile Phone Siemens C35i
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Small. Light. Sexy.

High on style and elegance. Low on weight and space. Functional simplicity blending intense clarity with real staying power and mobile web access. The C35 fits to the lifestyle you choose to live. The clear, user-friendly interface (including selectable menu levels and animated graphics) puts you completely and easily in control. Dual Band technology and long talk and stand-by time keep you firmly in communication.

After a very close battle, Siemens takes the number one spot and Best Buy award in our brand new Mobile phones chart. The C35i doesn’t offer some of the advanced features seen on other phones in the chart, instead opting for a simple, easy-to-use approach. The C35i uses’s WAP browser. We found its implementation was better than other manufacturers’. Siemens has customised the look and feel of the browser so that it appears to be an integrate part of the phone rather than something tacked on as an afterthought. You can also store up to five WAP dialup settings, which will be useful if your contract specifies that calls to particular phone codes (0845/0870, for example) are only included in the calltime tariff at particular times of the day. Despite its small screen (33x20mm) the C35i is remarkably usable, displaying up to three lines of text while browsing. The menu is intuitive and predictive text makes tapping out messages a breeze. Four games will keep you busy on the train and there are 20 preset tones and the obligatory tone composer. You won’t find added extras such as infrared or voice dialling but, if you’re after an easy-to-use WAP-enabled phone for a competitive price (the handset is free on contract), choose this one.
To meet the demand for information and entertainment features on mobile handsets, Siemens has launched the C35i, the company's first "consumer class" WAP phone with an integrated WAP 1.1 browser. It is a dual band GSM 900 and 1800 for roaming within the GSM network, and has triple rate vocoders for superior speech quality.

Designed to appeal to the increasingly sophisticated age sector of 16 - 30, the stylish handset includes exciting new entertainment features such as "Picture Messaging" and "Calling Faces".
Picture Messaging allows the user to send fun and emotive images instead or in addition to text messages via SMS. Calling Faces adds further emotional value to every call by allowing you to add amusing and personal face icons to important names in your address book.
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