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Hardware of PC
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If you don' t want to hear 4-channel sound, it' s OK.

Put some facts together:

Two motherboards from different producers, which have the same chipset,
will have nearly identical performance.
Manufacturers differ in support, reliability and compatibility of their products.
More expensive motherboards are mainly better, but not so great as they cost.
Commonly, we can consider ABIT & ASUS as the high class, MSI, GIGABYTE, AOPEN, SOLTEC as the mid-class and the other ones as low-end.


Information on this kind of memory storer will not get lost when you switch your PC off. When you turn it again on, you will find an operating system, or programs on it again. The most important parameter is the capacity of hard-disk. The higher capacity it has, higher amount of data you can save. Any user should not buy HDD with less than 20 Gigabytes.

Hard-drive contains from two to eight inflexible platters coated with material that allows the magnetic recording of computer data. A typical hard disk rotates at 5,400/ 7,200 revolutions per minute, and the read/write heads ride over the surface of the disk on a cushion of air 10 to 25 millionths of an inch deep. A hard disk is sealed to prevent contaminants from interfering with the close head-to-disk tolerances. Hard disks provide faster access to data than floppy disks and are capable of storing much more information. Because platters are rigid, they can be stacked so that one hard-disk drive can access more than one platter.

Top products are from MAXTOR, SEAGATE, or WESTERN-DIGITAL.
Now only IDE disks are sold. The best choice of speed should be 7,200 rpm.


CD-ROM drive is a device, which can read compact discs. It can work at different speeds. CDRW (compact disc rewriter) is similar to CD-ROM drive, but it can also record data on CD medium.
DVD-ROM (digital versatile disc reader) is a device used to read DVD mediums. The DVD has advantage of capacity (at least 4.7 GB) so it is much better than CD (its capacity is 650/700 MB). In addition it can read also compact discs.

In contemporary time I do not recommend to buy an ordinary CD-ROM, because it has low usage value. If you spend a little more money you can have DVD-ROM, which can be used in much more cases.
Between models, which are already available are not big differences in speed of reading. The usual speed of CD-ROM is about 50x. The best known trade marks are Pioneer, Teac and Acer.

7. Graphic cards

They are used in computers to process data, which have to be displayed on monitor in that way that user can see it. If the memory is higher it can display more colours. If you want to use your PC for homework you need the graphic card with only 2-4 MB, but for playing games you may need 32 MB. The contemporary situation is clear: graphic cards with chips from NVIDIA dominate. The great solution is to buy one kind of GEFORCE 2- MX200 for less pretentious, GTS for higher recommendations.
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