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Hardware of PC
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Roughly, it does not matter, which manufacturer will you select.
If you want to use 2 monitors, you can choose MATROX with a function DUAL-HEAD. But these cards are not so good at 3D.

8. Sound on PC

If you think, that NVIDIA is the most powerful segment between graphic accelerators, you will not get confused if you notice that CREATIVE dominates even more between sound cards. From those times, when we were using PC-speakers flew more than 10 years. CREATIVE company makes the best products from that time. Sound Blaster Live! is still sufficient enough and it is cheaper and cheaper. But an ordinary home-user will be satisfied with any card for 500 Sk.
The price of 2 ordinary speakers also varies about 500 Sk. More expensive 4 speakers + 1 subwoofer provides the best surround experience. 9. The Case

The whole computer has to be stored in some case. It is not the only one function to store the components, but it also provides the connection between particles, it regulates the flow of air...
The most common and practical too, are MINI and MIDI TOWERS. There is enough space for 2 floppies, CD-ROM, DVD ROM and CD REWRITER, too.
Bigger towers have more space inside, what fits to greater systems, or to those who want to experiment. Higher amount of air cool CPU down better, what makes PC more stable.
The supply of energy is important. Todays' systems may need 250/300 W. We hope that this guide will help you and you will not need to do this:.
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