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Hardware of PC
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How to buy PC ?

What do you want to use your computer for?

Like in any other purchases, you have to answer the question: " For which purpose do you buy PC? " It' s silly to buy a machine in the value of 40 000 SK when you want to surf on INTERNET or listen to MP 3 music. There are some different variants:

1a. Home-users

These people may have the computer at work, or their children at school. They want to have an access to INTERNET & E-MAIL and utilize some more pretentious aims. Their eyes start to shine when they find out that it is possible to play a music CD on their PC composition and their computer can become next HI-FI stereo.
Exactly these users are the targets of computer sellers, because their knowledge is very poor. The majority supposes that PC is only a case, monitor and a keyboard.

1b. Half-professionals

The second level users of PCs have a stable access to them. Of coarse, they use INTERNET and have some hobbies for which they buy a computer: composing music, digital photographing or playing games. They know quite good, which component it should contains. Unfortunately, their decision are often based on advertising slogans and wrong advices of their friends.

1c. Professionals

Finally, the third group is made of pure professionals. They have PC for earning money and because of that fact they require the best performance and 100 % reliability. They will invest a lot of money to get corresponding quality.
These people sacrifice high amount of money into hi-tech machines. They know exactly what they want to buy, but many times they don' t receive adjacent product.

Basic configuration

When we talk about the most important parts of the computer, we can consider these three as the core: CPU (central processor unit), main-board and RAM (random access memory). 2. Processor

The CPU may be a single chip or a series of chips that perform arithmetic and logical calculations and that time and control the operations of the other elements of the system. Miniaturization and integration techniques made possible the development of the microprocessor, a CPU chip that incorporates additional circuitry and memory.

Most CPU chips and microprocessors are composed of four functional sections: an arithmetic/logic unit, registers, a control section and an internal bus.
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