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Microsoft’s platform vs. Macintosh
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Even that Microsoft needs more information for its processing it is still faster than those of Macintosh. And the next point, I suppose that pretty important, is that Macintosh can use just one action at time while Microsoft is capable of running more of them. Concerning the software, Macintosh is not possible to run older versions than are the actual one. And well, with Macintosh one must think of the program he wants to use. It means that for pictures one must open program for pictures and for the text one must open text programs. I really appreciate the possibility of Microsoft to use all in one, otherwise I would be driven crazy by computer long time ago. Mainly because of this point it is said that Microsoft has 90% of market while Macintosh around 2%. Now I feel as a critic of Macintosh, but it is not so. I put these points above from the point of basic user as I am. But as I have read in many articles before, Macintosh has just small proportion of market, but on the other hand steady one. It means that Macintosh are maybe difficult to operate, better said they are specific, but they are used in specific professional areas as well, such as graphical engineering, music and other where one needs to feel every detail. Not that this is not possible with Microsoft, just that Macintosh are better suited for it. When I was thinking about the purchase of new computer I have not even think of Macintosh, the main reason is probably that I was “introduced” to Microsoft ones…. And that they are probably cheaper and all my friends use them. And the second one… well I do not know a lot about Macintosh at all. I remember that it was just one year ago that I have heard of Macintosh for the first time. It was just one year ago, when I signed up to the class about information technology in general…. And there it was, Macintosh…. I would like to start more to the point. So…
Concerning Microsoft’s software – Windows XP, it was officially released on the 24th of October2001 in New York’s theatre Mariot Marquiz.
When comparing this software to its forerunners, Microsoft finally left its conservative design and system. Mainly it decided to get the attention of young people. Secondly this system is built on the Windows NT/2000 platform, and is supposed to stop falling of operating system. And as third they include a help for multimedia programs.
One could think that Macintosh and Microsoft are rivals and their relations are just about competition.
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